Bump&Run: 11/7/22

A BTS World Cup game, check-ins from SoCal to Dallas to Fenway(?), and a flood of new merch highlight this week’s newsletter.

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World cup auction

The 2022 World Cup is less than two weeks away. And with nary a meaningful golf tournament in sight, it’s only fitting that we turn our wagering eyes towards the beautiful game. Join our BTS World Cup auction game, where $20 gets you a shot at glory.

Photo: Tom Shaw


Price: $20
Venmo: @Robbie-Vogel
Deadline: Picks due by Saturday, November 19


  • Choose between two and seven teams
  • The total ‘cost’ of your selection must be between $950 and $1,000
  • The goal is to earn the most profit
  • Teams earn revenue for wins, draws, advancing from their group, and getting to penalties in the knockout phases
  • The entrant whose teams generate the most profit wins!

Full rules and sign-up info here

tgj podcast 120: rick reilly

BTS member and legendary sportswriter Rick Reilly jumped on the Main Stage recently to chat with Tom Coyne about his lifelong love affair with golf. Stories from his heyday mingled with tales from the book and his wide-ranging golf life to provide a highly enjoyable discussion.

Live listeners got the director’s cut, and the full edited version is now available wherever you get your podcasts. 

rick reilly

Listen here

bleacher creatures

Who needs to book a tee time when you’ve got BigDoggClem? Known to most folks as Patrick, this BTS member and Red Sox employee hooked up some fellow New Englanders with advance tickets to TopGolf @ Fenway, plus a behind-the-scenes stadium tour. 

L-R: John (@Shimshimhehyo), Chris (@Chatem), Robbie, Chris, Nick (@NicholasSmith), and the third Chris (@ChrisD86)

In other locales, on-course meetups are coming together at Cedar Crest in Dallas and the East River 9 in Houston, which looks like a delightful way to spend an evening (photos by Daniel Drullinger):

East River 9 Houston Dan Drullinger

East River 9 Houston Dan Drullinger

East River 9 Houston Dan Drullinger


drop zone

If you were online last Thursday, you were rewarded with a bevy of new merch flooding the server. Check out the goods below, and scoop your newest bag/hoodie/jacket before supplies are depleted:

The Shacket (now in mink)

The Member Shacket

The Cashmere Hoodie
The Cashmere Hoodie

The FJ x TGJ Thermal Vest
FJ × TGJ Thermal Vest

The FJ x TGJ Hydroknit Jacket
TGJ × FJ Hydroknit Jacket

The Broken Tee Jones Stand Bag

Navy Jones Stand Bag Broken Tee

The Broken Tee Jones Carry Bag
Jones black and white carry bag

vice and exercise

There’s a place for everyone in the Broken Tee Society, from folks like Christy, Eric, Cody and Mims to discuss Whoop strain and trade distance running tips; to Joe, Nick, Matt, Josh and Tyler, who are interested in some of the finer things

punch shots

The best of the rest from the BTS: 

  • Harbour Town spot: Member @jdmiller is looking for takers for a (discounted) Sunday morning game at Harbour Town on 11/13. DM him for details.
  • Book Club: Paper Tiger: Our very own Tom Coyne is the next author in the Book Club’s sights. Pick up a copy of Paper Tiger and join Tom on his journey to become a professional golfer.
  • GCA all day: Our golf club architecture forums have been popping off, with discussions ranging from best and worst design features to the merits and shortcomings of Tobacco Road. 
  • Swing thinkers: Focus. Pre-swing triggers. Golf swing tempo apps. On-course meditation. The swing thoughts channel is a melting pot of mentalities just waiting for you to dive in.
  • Masters visitors thread: Georgia Vice Captain Jason Freemon created an open-source guide to visiting the Masters. Feel free to add any tips or advice so that all of our BTS Masters attendees can take advantage.
  • SoCal: Alternate tees at Rancho Park, a passionate takedown of cart path curbs, the Wishbone Brawl at Goat Hill – things are happening in SoCal. 

Featured image via member Daniel Duarte.