Bump&Run: 1/24/22

Welcome to Bump&Run, a recap of what you may have missed during the past week on the Broken Tee Society Discord server. Not yet a member of the server? Head here to join: glfrsj.nl/BTSconnect

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Much like his writing, a conversation with Jay Revell flows with an easy and unhurried grace. Jay is a proud BTS member, former president and current historian of Capital City CC, and all-around golf tragic, so we were more than happy to have him join us for a hangout last Tuesday.

Dive in for some insights on Jay’s latest book Swing, Walk, Repeat, as well as an unparalleled and compelling history lesson on his home club, the host of our first-ever TGJ event in Florida on March 19.

Listen here

Register for The Outing @ Capital City here

o captain, my (vice) captain

The Democratic process is well underway in the Broken Tee Society, with nominations for our regional Vice Captains set to take place this week. These VCs will be go-to people for their region: facilitating meetups, answering questions, and fostering deeper connections among our widespread BTS community.

Read the Regional Vice Captain Proposal here, ratify it in our Proposals channel, and get involved as the community nominates and votes on its first set of Vice Captains

hot springs eternal

Registration for The Outing @ Boiling Springs goes live this Tuesday, January 25th, at noon ET. Join your fellow BTS members on April 30th for a day of true sandbelt golf in northwest Oklahoma. The term “hidden gem” gets thrown around too often – but we’ve got a live one on our hands here, and you won’t want to miss it.

One piece of advice? Leave the red gear and Boomer Sooner at home if you want to be on superintendent Jeff Wagner’s good side. Pistol Pete reigns supreme at Boiling Springs.

duck race? duck race.

Take a BTS member with an extra Scotty Cameron and a desire to sell. Mix in a few dozen golf diehards, add a splash of internet silliness, and what do you get? 

A Duck Race, of course!

Kudos to Joel and the 35 individuals who took part in this unique endeavor, as a virtual duck race determined the putter’s new home while raising hundreds of dollars for The First Tee of Greater Richmond. Animal lovers, fear not: no ducks were harmed during the race. 

a course of their own

February’s book club selection is A Course of Their Own: A History of African American Golfers. The book is sure to illuminate our understanding of the game’s history, help us see more clearly its present, and imagine a hoped-for future. With two meetings under our belt, the Book Club is just getting off the ground, and now is a great time to join in. 

Join the Book Club here.

channel changing

The only surprise coming out of our new 👷│diy channel is that it’s taken this long to create one. Out of the gate, we’re seeing designs for 3D-printed ball marker displays, some sick custom sew jobs and a beautifully restored blade putter just begging for a TGJ cover.

Elsewhere, writers looking for a sense of community can head to the ✍│writers-workshop channel. For all of the writers and want-to-be writers of BTS, Robbie sent it deep with a great resource from one of his college classes, “Shitty First Drafts.” As Robbie noted, “sometimes you just literally have to send it.”

punch shots

  • Starting to Flow: Some good news coming out of Philly: the renovation of Cobbs Creek GC is set to start this Spring. Sure, it’s a year late, but perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by the ponderous machinations of city government. A course often saddled with the dreaded “great bones” descriptor, the beloved and sometimes lamented Cobbs is certainly in need of some TLC. We can be sure that over the next few years–as this TGJ digital feature about the course puts it–”different waters will flow.”
  • BTS No. 18 Merchandise Drop: A sincere thank you to those who have already grabbed The No. 18 Capsule after it dropped this week (a day early) on the BTS server. If you want to be the first to know where our newest events will be, when merchandise is dropping and how to link about with fellow BTS members throughout the country join our Discord server.
  • Pete Dye, A Modern Consideration: What better way to pass the time in January than discussing the catalog and contributions of Pete Dye. For those with GCA opinions, there is always a great discussion to be had in the ⛳│golf-course-architecture channel.
  • Switch Hitting: What would you do if your child played from the other side of the ball? For member J Koons, the answer was obvious: learn to stand on the wrong side of the ball.
  • 3 Jack Fund: The camaraderie over shared putting woes is in full swing, and it’s only January. Join the group and allow your shaky stroke to help out a worthy cause. The only question is…will some members’ generosity eventually reach a breaking point?

on the tee

Monday, 1/24, 11:30 AM ET
Coffee 101 with Ross Evans

Join BTS member and Carrier Roasting Company founder Ross Evans for a foundational discussion on the art, science, and magic of great coffee.

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Tuesday, 1/25, noon ET
Registration is Live: The Outing @ Boiling Springs

Head to https://www.golfersjournal.com/boiling-springs/ on Tuesday at noon ET to register for your spot in The Outing @ Boiling Springs.

Event reminder here

Wednesday, 1/26, 2 PM ET
and Other Things with Wright Thompson

Join us on the Main Stage for a chat with legendary author Wright Thompson. We’ll cover his recent book Pappyland (our January Book Club selection), as well as his work at ESPN, his connection to Augusta, and a whole lot more.

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