Bump&Run: 1/17/22

Welcome to Bump&Run, a recap of what you may have missed from the past week on the Broken Tee Society Discord server. Not a member of the server yet? Jump in here: glfrsj.nl/BTSConnect

to the tee breakers

Last week, we re-launched our YouTube channel with a minute-long tribute to the people who make this game so special: the members of the Broken Tee Society. Head to our YouTube channel to see the full video.

We also made the video files available exclusively to members of our Discord server, so you can spread the word on your own – those files are here (“The files are in the computer!”).


Put Rob Collins in front of a microphone, sit back, and enjoy the show. We were thrilled to invite Rob in for a Golf Course Architecture 101 discussion on Friday, and while the topic fit within our first season’s Foundations theme, Rob’s dynamism and expertise offered something closer to a graduate-level education.

Come for the terrific overview on some of GCA’s guiding principles, stay for a deep dive on Landmand, an exploration of some common yet misguided architecture principles, and a few gold nuggets, like the one above.

vision & values

We’re biased, but we truly believe the Broken Tee Society to be the greatest membership in golf, and we’re excited to begin shaping the future of our game together. To that end, we hosted the first of our Vision & Values meetings last week, where a number of members offered terrific insight into what they’re gaining from this community, their hopes for the future, and how we can best be stewards of this great game. 

We recorded the meeting here, and set out the meeting notes and next steps in our post here

As a preview, we’re looking to designate regional organizers to provide more value to each TGJ regional chapter, and are exploring ways to facilitate member meetups and guest hosting.

when 18 is never enough

No. 18 holds a special place in the TGJ canon, and as always, we’re indebted to our members for allowing us the freedom to bring these golf stories to life. As a way of saying thanks, we’re offering members of our Discord server an advance look at our limited-edition No. 18 merch capsule.

Scoop up an 18-inspired hat and towel, and we’ll see you on the next tee.

punch shots

Quick hits from around the BTS server.

  • Take a Michigander: The Michigan 2-Person Event is now accepting reservations! Head to the link above or see the thread under the Michigan channel on Discord. Slated for May 16 at Tom Doak’s Stoatin Brae, this is one you won’t want to miss.
  • Calling all designers: The BTS Bourbon Bash is still looking for their official logo, as well as a few more participants! Dive in and plan your Fall 2022 golf trip today.
  • Don’t Cross Kite: A delightful story from Christy Longfield that includes Tom Kite, the gym, and some questionable wardrobe choices. And somehow, it’s got nothing to do with that photo.
  • The Quest: The community comes together in the hunt for an elusive putter. Can we find Ricky a left-handed Circa 62 in time to save his 2022 golf season? 
  • 3-Jack Fund: Speaking of putting, the BTS 3-Jack Fund is still accepting applications. $10 to enter covers your first 10 3-putts, then add $1 per three putt throughout your season. A 50/50 raffle at season’s end means one lucky yipper goes home with some cash, with the remainder of the pot heading to a charity of the BTS’s choosing.

on the tee

Tuesday, Jan 18, 11 AM ET
Swing, Walk, Repeat with Jay Revell

Join Jay and members of the BTS for a hangout, where we’ll discuss Jay’s new book, chop it up about the game we all love, and hear some behind-the-scenes stories from Jay’s home club of Capital City CC – home of TGJ’s first-ever Florida event. 

Tuesday, Jan 18, noon ET
Registration: The Outing @ Capital City CC

Tallahassee’s finest opens its doors to the Broken Tee Society. Register today!

Friday, Jan 21, 4 PM
Member Spotlight: Dan Hershberg, Workhorse Brewing

TGJ contributor Matt Chominski interviews fellow Philly BTS member Dan Hershberg, who runs a local brewery and, perhaps more interestingly, a full-scale amateur golf tour in the greater Philadelphia area. Start your weekend early with some BTS brotherly love!