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Bump & Run

Monday, Nov 22, 2021

Welcome to Bump&Run, a recap of what you may have missed during the past week on the Broken Tee Society Discord server. Haven’t signed up for our server yet? Join the fun here:


As the holidays approach, our merry Membership Manager is making her address list and checking it twice. Read Rachel’s note here in case you’ve recently moved or haven’t yet received your Premium Member gift.

Also, a reminder thanks to Joe’s recent inquiry: check your TGJ Member Locker for that sweet, sweet Linksoul cash to splash on friends, family, or yourself this holiday season!


The hangout channel was busy this past week. First, Peter Gannon (@PTG_NY) joined us to discuss his career as a music supervisor to some of the world’s largest advertisers. Topics include the role of music in marketing, the TikTok era, algorithms vs. authenticity, the future of music, and golf’s symmetry with other artistic movements. Check it out here.

Then we caught up with Spanish Oak GC’s Director of Instruction Christy Longfield on Thursday’s Swing Thoughts Hangout. In addition to a conversation on junior golf parents, you also missed a screenshare-swing-analysis-session from Christy. Best of all, she didn’t even charge us!


The vibes are flowing in the 🍷│19th-hole, where Joe and Cody are deep in the planning phases of the BTS Bourbon Bash – a Broken Tee Society-exclusive golf and whiskey-tasting trip through Kentucky, set for early October of next year. And remember, whether you’re pursuing birdies or booze: aggressive swings to conservative targets.


All it takes is a few days of cool weather for the 🏌│swing-thoughts to migrate from the course to the keyboard. Thursday night saw a discussion that began with swing path and pre-shot routines, but swiftly morphed into a metaphysical exploration of the utility of golf instruction as a whole. [Insert AllenIverson.GIF]


November is a time for gratitude and reflection, two things we saw a lot of last week. From Sarasota to Massachusetts and beyond, our BTS parents have watched with pride as their kids begin their own golf journeys. Here’s to many more trips to “the place where you just hit it as far as you can.”

Finally, if you missed Jeff Debalko’s introduction, we recommend you take a look. We’re grateful and proud to have folks like this within our community–and already excited to follow Jeff and Ryan’s Ireland trip in May.


Remember to subscribe to the BTS Calendar and stay tuned to the #📅│events channel for exact dates and times of upcoming events in the community.

11/23 @ 12:30 p.m. EST/ 9:30 a.m. PSTDestination Dive: Pinehurst

Consider this your VIP ticket to the cradle of American golf. In the first of this travel panel series, we’ll be exploring Pinehurst and the North Carolina Sandhills, guided by the expert opinions of some seasoned BTS members. Bring your questions, itineraries, and 2022 planners—we’ll see you on the Main Stage!

RSVP here.