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Bump&Run: 8/16/22

Making No. 18: Bandon and Boynton with Ryan Book

TGJ Contributor Ryan Book joins Travis Hill and Tom Coyne to break down his latest article in No. 18, "A Bandon Surprise, Just for Ewes." A sharp reporter with a dry wit, Ryan dishes on discovering Sandra Boynton's role in Bandon Dunes and his talks with the artist. Plus, Travis and Tom chime in with behind-the-scenes gold from the editing and podcasting realms.

Behind the Scenes of No. 18

Your backstage pass to the making of TGJ No. 18. Travis Hill, Tom Coyne, Christian Hafer, and assorted other characters dive into the stories behind the stories, including a narrowly avoided cover debacle, an afternoon at a deserted PV, and more from the wild life of Peter Beames. Plus: White Bear, Billy Collins, and some "concept album" thoughts that didn't make the cut.

Swinging into the New Year with Tom Johnson

PGA Tour pro, Olympic Club teaching professional, and Broken Tee Society member Tom Johnson joins us for a hangout focused on game improvement in the new year. We talk short game, stretching, and the best ways to stay present during a round. Plus - Tom offers a fresh dose of #perspective when discussing the recent birth of his first child and the impact of fatherhood on one's life and golf game.

Brett Cyrgalis: Home for the Holidays Book Club

Sportswriter and author Brett Cyrgalis joins the Broken Tee Society to discuss his book Golf's Holy War, the first selection in our BTS monthly book club. We go behind the scenes, discussing his time spent with Michael Murphy, his take on whether a "war" really exists, and why Hogan's Five Lessons is one of the worst instruction manuals ever written.

TGJ Debrief: Rory, Collin, the Grove, and the Summit

Join Christian Hafer and Casey Bannon as they debrief on a whirlwind week, starting with a visit to MJ's Grove XXIII with Rory McIlroy, and ending with a day with reigning Open Champion Collin Morikawa at The Summit Club in Vegas.

Member Spotlight: Brynn Walker

Symetra Tour player, author, Broken Tee Society member. Brynn Walker joins Tom Coyne for a chat about her twin passions of golf and writing, the grind of fighting for a spot on the LPGA Tour, and lessons she learned from Lexi Thompson. 

Coffee with Kyle Porter

Kyle Porter from CBS Sports joins the Broken Tee Society, fresh off the completion of Normal Sport, his compendium of the insanity of the 2021 PGA Tour season. We chat with Kyle about turning a passion into a career, Golf Twitter, parenting, and the fact that CT Pan and Rory Sabbatini shot a best-ball 57 at the Olympics.

A Course Called America: Live from Charleston

A BTS exclusive, recorded in front of a live audience at the Charleston Music Hall! In this delightfully winding conversation, Tom Coyne and The Fried Egg’s Andy Johnson travel from sea to shining sea, discussing Florida golf cart parades, Alaskan haircuts, and Tom’s relationship with his dad, among other things. They also talk some golf.

Member Spotlight: Eastside Golf

Olajuwon Ajananku and Earl Cooper from Eastside Golf join us to talk about their rise from a logo on a t-shirt to perhaps the most highly touted brand in the game today. In this wide-ranging chat, we cover their careers both in and out of golf, their famed Jordan collab, and what's next for Eastside.

Destination Dive: Pinehurst

As part of our recurring Destination Dive series, we’re exploring Pinehurst specifically, and the North Carolina Sandhills in general, with the help of a handful of uniquely qualified BTS members. Dive in for course takes, food recs, and everything you might want to know about the cradle of American golf.

Member Spotlight: Rob Bannon

Rob Bannon is a retired US Army Special Forces pilot and the founder of TPG Golf Performance Center in Saint Johns, FL. He’s joined by his son, TGJ Assistant Editor Casey Bannon, to talk about his two careers and a whole lot of swing thoughts. 

Swing Thoughts: Christy Longfield

Christy Longfield, Director of Instruction at Spanish Oaks Golf Club in Austin, joins the Swing Thoughts Hangout channel for a lively discussion on game improvement and getting kids into golf. Bonus: Christy analyzes a few members' swing videos live on air.

Member Spotlight: Peter Gannon

Peter Gannon is a music producer and sound designer behind some of television’s most powerful ads. From Coca Cola’s “The Catch” to Fed Ex’s “Moving Forward” to Nike’s “I Would Run To You,” Peter has been both playing and pulling the strings that inevitably make us feel something thanks to sound.

Member Spotlight: Austin Ainge

Boston Celtics Assistant GM Austin Ainge joins us to give some insight into his wildly exciting job as an NBA roster-builder, how he got there, the pressures of performing and, most importantly, his recent and swift transformation into a total golf junkie.

Amateur Hour: Piercen Hunt

Piercen Hunt is a Sophomore star on University of Illinois’ historically dominant men’s golf program. He joins us to talk about the current landscape of college golf, how he stays sharp between classes, what it’s like to have a putt for 59, winning the Wisconsin State Amateur and much more.

Destination Dive: The National

As part of our recurring Destination Dive series, TGJ’s Casey Bannon and Christian Hafer dissect their trip to the mecca of Long Island. Join them inside the gates of one of the nation’s most enviable clubs: the National Golf Links of America.