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Bump&Run: 8/16/22

Inside the Issue w/ Contributor Dan Riley: Beames and the Vineyard

TGJ contributor and GQ correspondent Dan Riley joins us for a look inside two of his recent features: The Man Riding Clouds and Glories of the Island. A former features editor with an eye for a great story, Dan offers some terrific color and behind-the-scenes intel on Peter Beames, Martha's Vineyard, and more. 

Inside No. 19: Mike & Eli from Chasing Scratch

You read about them in No. 19, now hear them in their natural environment. Mike Shade and Eli Strait, the hosts of the wildly popular Chasing Scratch podcast, join TGJ Senior Editor Tom Coyne to discuss their years-long golfing quest, their newfound celebrity, and their distaste for that term.

Masters Friday Recap

Tom Coyne is back again for his final dispatch from the ANGC media center. We chat Tiger's improbable (or perhaps inevitable?) made cut, Scheffler's feel-based game, and Augusta's under-the-radar history museum that every golf junkie needs to put on their bucket list.

Masters Thursday Recap

TC and (eventually) Travis are back on the Main Stage to break down a momentous Thursday at Augusta. Tom details his eyewitness account of Tiger's finish on 18, speculates about the technology inherent in Augusta's press credentials, and illuminates the closeness of the golf world after run-ins with Bamberger, Robert Trent Jones Jr., and others. Plus, Travis hops in to discuss the CAA party, and Tom offers a few scoops for upcoming TGJ pieces.

TC Live from Augusta – Wednesday

Join Tom Coyne and TGJ Editor Travis Hill for a Wednesday dispatch from Augusta National. Tom debriefs on his interactions with Tiger and Hideki, tests the limits of a Masters press credential, and sets the scene from the dining lawn to the crowded slopes of the Par-3 course.

Making No. 18: Bandon and Boynton with Ryan Book

TGJ Contributor Ryan Book joins Travis Hill and Tom Coyne to break down his latest article in No. 18, "A Bandon Surprise, Just for Ewes." A sharp reporter with a dry wit, Ryan dishes on discovering Sandra Boynton's role in Bandon Dunes and his talks with the artist. Plus, Travis and Tom chime in with behind-the-scenes gold from the editing and podcasting realms.

Behind the Scenes of No. 18

Your backstage pass to the making of TGJ No. 18. Travis Hill, Tom Coyne, Christian Hafer, and assorted other characters dive into the stories behind the stories, including a narrowly avoided cover debacle, an afternoon at a deserted PV, and more from the wild life of Peter Beames. Plus: White Bear, Billy Collins, and some "concept album" thoughts that didn't make the cut.